Sepak takraw

sepak takraw learning object screenshot

Learning objects
Sepak takraw: choose shots
Sepak takraw: choose and aim
This series contains non-TLF conent. See Acknowledgements in the learning object.

Students read about the popular Indonesian ball game sepak takraw and how it is played. Students can also experience a simulated game in which they are required to serve and rally the ball with different body parts, such as the head, chest, shoulders, knees and feet. Students need to be quick in identifying and applying the correct body part in Indonesian before missing the ball and point entirely! A coach congratulates and advises students in Indonesian after each shot. The final screen revisits the vocabulary of body parts in Indonesian as students apply the correct term to a sepak takraw player. This final activity aims to consolidate the main vocabulary of the learning object.

‘Sepak takraw: choose and aim’ includes left and right body parts.